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Fun at Yoga


Your body knows how to be powerful.

  Yoga taps into that source of power and energy.  When you move in unexpected ways while you pay close attention to how you feel, you begin to access the strength and wisdom stored within your being.  Becoming expansive and owning your space with your body automatically shifts your consciousness, attitude, and emotional state.  You can tap into the power of your body and use that power to move more confidently through your world.

In yoga, we explore our bodies, our sensations and energies.  We learn to move with clarity and purpose while focusing our attention and benefitting from the awakened awareness already within us.

At LeeAnn’s you can explore your body through our Gentle yoga classes and through our evening classes for more of a challenge.   Our teachers have years of experience and can accommodate your personal physical challenges.  Check out our classes and find one that will help you tap into the power you already have.

For a fascinating read on the power of your body to sculpt your attitude, check out Amy Cuddy’s “Presence”.

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